Arkema at the Western Coating Show (Tabletop #508)
Good Things Happen When Chemistry Gets Personal™
Arkema has been a leading developer for coating raw materials for decades – developing new resin, additive and other technologies for everything from house paint to vehicle coatings to concrete sealers.

At the 2019 Western Coatings Symposium and Show in Las Vegas, Oct 20-23, we want to talk about what comes next – and how we can work together with formulators and others in the industry to continually drive innovation across all the areas you care about.
Join us at Tabletop # 508


Encor® 601 acrylic latex, a new product that enables the formulation of higher performance, lower VOC masonry coatings when compared to existing options. Learn more



Vikoflex® 2200 Bio-based coalescent, a zero-VOC product for use in waterborne architectural and industrial coatings. Learn more

Hear from Richard Jenkins the Global Group President for the Coating Resins business at Arkema

Tuesday, October 22 at 8:45 am in Champagne 3/4 (Keynote Address)

Innovation in Relationships Between Coatings Companies, Suppliers and Co-Suppliers

Arkema researchers and developers will be presenting on several technical topics important to the industry, notably:

Monday, October 21 at 9:40am in Champagne 3/4
"Non-Isocyanate Crosslinking Approaches for PVDF Topcoats," by Kurt Wood

Monday, October 21 at 4:00pm in Champagne 1
"Balancing Performance in Interior Waterborne Coatings," by Jeremy Grove, Ph.D


Arkema's Business Units involved :

Coating Resins  -  Coatex   -  Oxygenes and Derivatives   -  Sartomer

Richard will discuss how traditional relationships between companies are evolving from a classical buy-sell model across a firewall towards collaborative problem-solving by knowledgeable experts in real time in the right operational roles when life does not materialize as anticipated.