We developed PLASTISTRENGTH® 562 NA process aid to help you improve processability and cost efficiency with minimal or no impact on product quality in extrude PVC applications. With consistent PVC fusion and filler incorporation, improved melt strength and reliable performance, this new product is a prime example of why we choose to say,
Good Things Happen When Chemistry Gets Personal™
Working closely with PVC fabricators, we understand the day to day needs of the industry.
This product is easy to incorporate into both rigid and semi-rigid formulations used across a wide range of applications, including:
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile Backlayers
  • Window Profiles
  • Vinyl Siding Capstock and Substrates
  • Fencing Substrates
  • Printable Vinyl Sheets
  • Roofing
  • Calendered Vinyl Films
  • Much more
Balancing Performance and Formulation Cost
Because of its high molecular weight and unique composition, Plastistrength® 562 NA process aid offers an optimized balance between performance and formulation cost. Compared to standard process aids, Plastistrength® 562 NA process aid allows cost reduction without compromising melt processing performance.

Thanks to its high molecular weight and innovative composition, Plastistrength® 562 NA process aid delivers optimum melt strength and fusion behavior to rigid and semi-rigid PVC formulations. This allows for better dispersion of inorganic fillers and additives within the PVC matrix, which improves melt processing and mechanical properties.
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